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Mynt Lounge

If there is one thing that the Mynt Lounge can do is discriminate. Normally that would be a harsh word in the current day and age but in this instance it is a good thing. The discrimination of the Mynt Lounge, on the 2100 block on Collins in Miami Beach Florida, is actually a good thing. This establishment demands that only trendily dressed, chic, individuals with an elegant demeanor and a winning smile be admitted through the door.

The Mynt is ultra-exclusive and has been around for over seven years and has been Miami Beach’s playground for the rich and famous for most of that time. If anyone that is not currently in music, the movies, an athlete, or some other easily recognizable pop-culture status profession they will have trouble getting in but it can be done if they have a unique look or can stand out in a crowd. The ones that do manage to gain entrance will find themselves rubbing elbows with the popular elite and will have as many celebrity sightings as any episode of  TMZ.

Mynt Lounge Dancers

The club itself caters exclusively to its A-list clientele and they have a zero tolerance policy in regards to paparazzi. Another interesting note about the Mynt Ultra lounge is that it is never the same two years in a row. Every summer the entire lounge is refitted from the bottom up with new furniture, new carpeting, new lighting, etc.

The Mynt has long been the nightlife spot to get into in Miami Beach and as such only the cream of the crop and the top local talent is typically found there. Some people spend years simply trying to work their ‘street cred’ to the point that they can finally win that uphill battle and enter that celebrated paradise. There are other people that simply show up night after night looking their best and end up getting in due to being either being a familiar face or simply looking particularly spectacular that night. The key to either approach is to keep trying because this club is definitely worth the occasional heartache. Anyone who can dress for success and knows how to party that wants to make a name for themselves by putting their name ‘out there’ will find this the spot to further their career simply by showing up and having a good time with the other club goers.

Though the layout changes some from year to year the quality of people stays the same. Night after night the Mynt opens up to the let the rich and famous, even the up and comers, enter into its wild embrace while keeping out all those individuals that would ruin the fun and good times to be had. For those that get in it is a place of wonders filled with people that are simply too well known to have a chance to party anywhere else in Miami Beach without a horde of photographers following them around like rabid dogs.

Mynt Lounge
929 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach Fl 33139

Phone: (305) 695-1705

Images courtesy of  Mynt Lounge

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