The 5th Annual Women’s International Film & Arts Festival

The 5th Annual Women’s International Film and Arts Festival, taking place in both Dade County’s theatres Miami, Florida and Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, began in 2005 and is presently one of the most celebrated events for women who work in the media, film, and the arts. The festival shows 80 films over 8 days, between March 26th and April 3rd. This festival is an amazing opportunity for those with an interest in women in the media to learn about and enjoy female expression through film and other outlets of artistic creation. The films shown are not simply from directors, writers, or artists in the United States, but those from all over the globe, allowing viewers an interesting insight into the female experience in other cultures. Festivals such as these have been the inspiration for college courses all over the United States that explore women’s experiences with subjects like gender identity, societal roles, and breaking the conformist ideas about womens’ statuses. Such courses are titled “Women in the Media” or “Women in Communications.” This festival is for more viewers than just those interested in feminist discourse, it is an opportunity for anyone to develop a better sense of how the female perspective and experience is changing worldwide, and what it not only means for the women who created these films, but for women and men in globe-spanning cultural context.

Special events in the 2010 program include a Film Pool Pajama Party to discuss and illuminate the field of fashion and a Family Fun Fest for those with families to enjoy films especially oriented toward them. The last special event planned is a Celebration of Women musical concert, with singing, dancing and celebration for all.

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