U2 360 Tour at Miami Sun Life Stadium

Continuing the revolutionary tour de force stage show of 2009, U2�s 360 Tour continues in 2010 with new North American dates and venues. Miami is on the fourth leg of this landmark show tour. The Sun Life Stadium hosts U2 360 on July 9, 2010.

U2 keeps pressing the boundaries of the live show. Its tours have become not just concerts but revival meetings for the band�s worldwide throng of fans. Last year�s North American tour denouement was the full capacity crowd of Pasadena�s Rose Bowl Stadium. The show was also streamed live on YouTube to approximately ten million people in 188 countries.

The 360 tour gets its name from the 360 degree stage design. The stage enables fans at all angles to see members of the band and allows for capacity seating because of its unique structure. The stage has received various names such as �the Spaceship�, �the Claw� and so on during 2009�s tour.

Miami�s Sun Life Stadium is the superlative home for sports and entertainment. It hosts the Miami Dolphins, the FedEx Orange Bowl, the Florida Marlins, and the University of Miami Hurricanes football. It also has hosted several Super Bowls, BCS championships and MLB World Series. The U2 360 Tour at Miami Sun Life Stadium will feature the best in cutting-edge technology and the best in live music.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: fibercool