The Room

The Room is a great bar located in South Beach Miami.  It’s one of those bars that is constantly crowded with people just looking to have an amazing time out on the town. Because space is limited, it is highly recommended that people arrive early to get a table or just standing room. If you do manage to get in, you can be rest assured it will be a fun, vibrant time. The Room contains a vast selection of foreign beers, one of the characteristics that many people love about the place. Some even say that The Room offers the best beer selection out of the South Beach area in Florida.

This is a bar that offers fairly moderately priced drinks considering the fantastic location. Another quality that makes this bar truly great is the knowledgeable and competent bartenders that simply know their stuff. The bartenders know the best beers to recommend and their proper pour. Some of the most highly recommended beers are the Aventinus Weizenbock and the Dupont Foret Organic Saison. The music here is simply soulful. Sometimes you can hear old classics or newer indie tunes. The atmosphere is very dark, making it a perfect place to subtly meet other people. The locals from Miami Beach are frequently here. If you want to escape the South Beach scene that can sometimes be pretentious, then head on over to The Room for a more low key bar experience. Even though you get a more low key experience, The Room is still a fun place. It is simply the “it” bar for people needing an escape from the South Beach scene, and frankly, a hidden gem in the area. The ambience offers an interesting experience for those that are simply seeking to expand their horizons or are tired of typical South Beach bars. The Room places strategically placed candles all throughout the bar, which inspire one’s curiosity. Overall, any trip to South Beach is not complete without at least trying The Room. You may be very pleasantly surprised and become a regular, just like local town residents from South Beach!

The Room
100 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139-7207
(305) 531-6061