Rok Bar

Miami Beach is the paradise promised land for an untold number of legendary international stars. One such star has branded his fame from his popularly successful rock career into the exclusive Miami Beach hot spot Rok Bar born in May of 2004.. Superstar rocker Tommy Lee decided, “On this Rok, I will build my bar!” Since then the prayers of die-hard and born again rockers everywhere have been answered with the hottest rock bar to hit these sandy shores of surf, sun and sex. Flip up your designer shades and follow the symphonic guitar melodies echoed past the sirens and chiseled out bodies that await you inside Miami’s finest Rok Bar.

The Rok Bar features Miami’s hottest and biggest name VIP’s so be sure to make reservations ahead of time. Whether you are flying in from the east coast, west coast, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, or Paris, we will have a spot for you! Once inside you will enjoy the chic aesthetics including the sexiest mixologists that you will find anywhere! Bring your friends and order your favorite bottle. You will get your fill of unforgettable memories. There is no other rock experience that can rival the Rok Bar. Rok Bar’s retractable stage allows you to be up close and personal with the artistic stylings of featured cutting edge live rock bands. There is no need to hold the fear of being taken hostage by the pop Euro overtones of other disenchanted establishments. We are who we say we are and for those about to Rok, we salute you! Rok Bar is where metal and models mingle and mosh. Seek out this ultimate rock venue and discover what being a rockstar is all about! Who knows which A-lister, recording artist, or professional athlete you may run into? Dude, Kid Rock wants his hat back. Did Pamela get an upgrade on the globes? It could very well end up that you find yourself smoking in the boys room with your own motley crue. Rok Bar unquestionably is the place to be! This is the house that rock built. Let they who are ready to rock order thy first drink! We will see you at the “Rok”.

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