Rihanna and Ke$ha hit Miami Hard over the Weekend

This past Saturday night a crowd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla. were entertained by the singing sensation, Rihanna and her opening act, Ke$ha.

The singers performed before a large crowd this past weekend. The opening act was from none other than the party-loving Ke$ha. She began the show by singing “Tik Tok” and “Your Love Is My Drug”.

Kesha performing at American Airlines Arena in Miami

Kesha performing at American Airlines Arena in Miami

The arena erupted when Rihanna appeared from behind a wall of video screens. She was dressed in true Rihanna style, sporting a unique evening gown that had LED lights attached. Her opening song was “Russian Roulette”. From there, the energy picked up with songs such as “Hard”, “Disturbia”, “Rockstar 101” and “Rude Boy”.

After the show the entire group of 30, including Rihanna, Ke$ha and their backup dancers, hit Cameo in order to sip on some drinks and enjoy the night. One source reported that Rihanna and Ke$ha “totally let loose, dancing on their tables together and requesting various songs from the DJ.” Sources say that Rihanna did not leave Cameo until 4 a.m.

The following day Rihanna was seen boarding an early Sunday morning flight from Miami International Airport to Los Angeles. She was wearing a black hoodie. Her red bangs were hanging down in her face and she was carrying a Time magazine. She was escorted by four assistants. It seems that she must have had a pretty exhausting night as a passenger gave the media the following statement:

“Rihanna had the first seat in first class from Miami to LA on (August 1). The 22-year-old singer boarded with a full face of makeup and her hair done to perfection. She was allowed to board with her bodyguard before anyone else. By the time the rest of the plane boarded, she was already asleep…she was snoring a lot.”

The singers will continue the last leg of Rihanna’s “Last Girl On Earth Tour” on August 5th in Canada. They are scheduled to finish out the tour at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY on August 28th.