Preseason BasketBall: Miami Heat &. Atlanta Hawks Tickets

See the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks face off in a preseason game on Monday Oct 7, 2013 in the American Airlines Arena.  The game will take place in the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida. The American Airlines Arena was opened on December 31st, 1999. Ever since it’s construction, it has been a popular destination for sporting events and concerts.

Miami Heat, coached by Erik Spoelstra, is one of the NBA’s most well known teams and the 2012 NBA champions. The mascot of Miami Heat is Burnie, a fireball. Atlanta Hawks are also a very good team to face off with. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, they are coached by Mike Budenholzer.

You can purchase cheap tickets to the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks in the American Airlines Arena on Ticket Network. The match will be preseason, but it will still be just as exciting and fun as watching a in-season match. The teams are both very good and who knows who will win this time.