Plunge Bar

You might think you’re in a movie once you appear here at the Plunge Bar. Located high on top of the Gansevoort hotel, you will feel like you’re hovering on air with all your friends. A cherished, sexy lounge 18 stories above the ocean and the city lights with 26,000 square feet of partying area awaits you here. With pool side lounges, private cabanas and views that will absolutely take your breath away. This urban retreat has astonishing, uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean and downtown Miami.

The roof top lounge is open to guest and non-guests however, the only people allowed to swim in the pool are the guest. No need to worry for all you non-guest though, you can still get wet with the real liquid pleasures from drinking the cocktails. Try a Fruity Cocktail pool side in a cabana lit by a beautiful chandelier, or how about a Pineapple & Prosecco Bellini on the couch with the oversized cushions.

If you want to relax outside by the pool, this is the place to do some people watching for the top. The 360 degree view of Miami Beach makes sure you won’t of miss a thing. The breath taking view of the beach are awesome. The bathrooms are the talk of the place with open air stalls. Everybody seems to enjoy this feature.

This sun drenched paradise is a must see if your in the South Beach area. With it’s playful facilities, family surroundings, indoor and outdoor activities will give you the impression of being somewhere above all the rest. There is no place like this one. I’m told things are better at the top, you will begin to understand why when you come here to play and have a good time.

Wednesday night is Havana night at the Plunge Bar. The atmosphere of Havana night is suggestive of pre-Castro Havana from 1950. Enjoy the Latin music while you feel the sensation of being back in time in Havana Cuba. Salsa nights, beautiful women and men, great drinks and a view that will impress everyone. The music will have you dancing to the beat.