Philippe Restaurant Reviews

Philippe Restaurant is located in the Ganesvoort South Hotel, and offers high qualify authentic Chinese food to residents and tourists in the Miami Beach area.

Philippe offers a diverse selection of Asian cuisine  on their lunch and dinner menus. The cuisine is based off of cuisine by Philippe Chow, a Chinese native chef who owned and operated Mr. Chow Restaurant for 25 years. He worked with other exceptional Chinese chefs, including Mr. Lam Shak Chung and Mr. Steve Yim. Philippe Chow appeared on network cooking shows and won awards for best chef and owner of one of the best eateries in Manhattan.

If you enjoy soup or salad, Philippe offers traditional favorites including won ton soup and hot and sour soup as well as their specialty corn and crab meat soup. Salads include Philippe’s house salad which is topped with a house sesame/soy vinaigrette, a crunchy duck salad and a spinach salad topped with a plum and lime juice vinaigrette. Soup and salad may be ordered as part of a dinner meal or by themselves.

When you visit Philippe Restaurant, consider trying one of the many appetizers. These include main lobster spring rolls, peking duck spring rolls, salt and peper calamari, wok fried mayonaise prawns and more. If you are looking for a lighter option, consider the crispy seaweed.

Philippe offers a wide range of lunch and dinner entrees made with chicken, beef, lobster and other seafood, pork, duck and a variety of other meats. Vegetarian dishes, including lettuce wraps, noodles, dumplings and more are offered as well. The specialty peking duck was rated as “Best Peking Duck in the City” by the New York Observer. Another great specialty dish is nine seasons spicy prawns, a seafood dish that includes Chow’s own specialty spicy sweet and sour sauce. The noodles are hand-pulled and made completely from scratch.

Philippe is a great place for private parties, romantic outings and more. Reservations are accepted. For events with large amount of guests, you may reserve an entire room for your party. If you are in the mood to eat at home, take out is available.

Most entree’s are under $30 with the exception of the tasting menu, which is $85 per person, with a 6 person minimum.

Philippe Restaurant has other locations in New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons.

Philippe Restaurant
2305 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, 33139

Phone: (305) 674-0250

Creative Commons License photo credit: MACSURAK