News Cafe Restaurant in Miami Beach

If one is looking for a great place to relax, dine, and find a good time in Miami, the News Cafe Restaurant in Miami Beach is the perfect place to check out – 24 hours a day! This exciting restaurant features all the accommodations of a cafe, bar, and newsstand wrapped into one location! The quaint features make it accessible for all types of people to enjoy its atmosphere, including the live music that is offered several nights a week. This sidewalk restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy a glass of wine to relax, or even, have breakfast at 11 o’clock at night! The News Cafe is a key Miami Beach standby for those looking for a good time!

It is not only the unique atmosphere that draws onlookers and restaurant-seekers to the News Cafe. It is the eclectic menu that includes something for all types of taste buds, no matter the hours. All day, every day, one can find anything from the dessert menu, to breakfast, to appetizers, to even, Middle Eastern dishes. This newsstand restaurant understands that craving of all kinds come at any hour of the day, so they are always prepared to serve whatever it is their clientele needs! Alongside their fabulous menu, they are famous for their convenient, and seemingly endless, supply of newspapers and magazines, both national and international prints, for their clients. One dining here will never run out of something to read. This feature truly complements the dining experience at the News Cafe.

This hot spot has made sure not to let down those who are seeking great deals on drinks and appetizers, offering a Happy Hour Monday through Thursday, every week, from 4pm to 7pm. It is a great place to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere and to enjoy a tasty meal with good company.

News Cafe has made a name for itself through their interesting layout and convenient, on-going hours. This Miami staple is a great place to enjoy a good read, delicious food, and a fun time with friends!

Bed Nightclub
800 Ocean Dr # Ofc,
Miami Beach Fl 33139

Phone: (305) 538-6397‎‎

Creative Commons License Photo credit: P Keigan

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