Miami Urban Beach Week

This Thursday over 200,000 hip hop fans are expected to gather at South Beach for one of the wildest gatherings of the year Miami Beach Urban Week. The five day event includes partying, hip hop music, and plenty of other festivities sure to entertain hip hop fans.

Police are expected to closely monitor the five day event. In the past, hip hop attendees have criticized the policing as too rigorous for what is supposed to be a free-spirited, fun event. Lt. Henry Doce has stated that his entire department of police officials will work around the clock in 12-hour shifts in order to ensure safety during the entire event. There are even hundreds of police officers traveling from departments in other cities for the weeklong event.

The approximate number of police officers will be around 300 to 400 stationed throughout the city’s entertainment district, according to Lt. Henry Doce. Typically, only about 15 to 20 police officers patrol the city’s entertainment district.

The police officers patrolling the event will be sensitive to environmental issues during the five week party scene. Littering will be strictly prohibited and violators will be strictly punished. The ACLU may be on hand to challenge police officers that act too harshly with attendees for the event. In the past, the ACLU has asserted that police officers have simply arrested too many people for what are minor crimes. The ACLU may ultimately challenge arrests given out by police during Miami Urban Beach Week.

The ACLU has given some suggestions to the police force for handling the large crowd that will storm Miami later this week. One suggestion provided by the ACLU has been to close off all of the southbound lanes on Ocean Drive to 12th Street. The intent behind this suggestion is to make a larger area to walk so people have more space. Another suggestion has been to break up the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force into smaller groups to avoid inciting violence in the crowd.

Overall, the event may ultimately cost the city over $1 million dollars for the extra security measures that have to be taken, according to Max Sklar, the head of the tourism department in the city.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: Tach_RedGold&Green