Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2010

Polo, or “hockey on horseback”, is usually played on grass or indoor arenas. In a new twist on this ancient sport, Miami Beach Polo Club is hosting the 2010 Beach Polo World Cup on the South Beach sands of 20th to 22rd streets. Eight teams from around the world have so far committed to the event, which lasts from Thursday, April 8 to Sunday, April 11.

The Beach Polo World Cup is conveniently located behind Miami’s luxurious Setai Hotel. Spectators can watch all of the action from beach blankets or from the temporary shaded grandstand on the beach. VIP tickets can be directly purchased from the Miami Beach Polo Club at (305) 538-3809 or at Ticket Web’s online site.

Polo is thought to have originated in either China or ancient Iran, areas with large flat sandy and grassy places. The game spread quickly throughout Asia. When the British Empire conquered India, they were quickly charmed by the game and brought it to Europe and then the Americas. The best polo nation of the world is considered to be Brazil. Each team has four riders with as many as ten ponies (usually small Thoroughbreds.) The ponies are only allowed to play in two chukkas (game periods) while the riders play the full game.