LOUIS at the Gansevoort Hotel

If you’re down for an amazing time in one of Miam’s hottest clubs, LOUIS nightclub at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach is one of the famous Opium Group’s latest fashionable offering. A slice of Parisiaan downtown sentiment in the middle of South Beach, LOUIS has in the short time since their late 2008 opening, already become a benchmark hotspot, graced by the likes of Russell Simmons, Marilyn Manson, and Lindsey Lohan.

The interior of this club features antique French decor that is not at all out of place in the midst of subdued black modern fixtures whose smooth surfaces make them melt away from the eye. Crystal lighting fixtures and themed walls only add to the ambiance created by lounging in the throne-style Francois Frossard period furniture. With two crystal bars to 25 exclusive VIP table areas, getting a drink from a smoking hot French military-uniformed server will be no problem at all.

Inside of Louis at the Gansevoort Hotel

Inside of Louis at the Gansevoort Hotel

With a 6,500 foot VIP lounge, and a secret hotel entrance for Gansevoort guests, there’s no shortage of 18th century style European opulence to compliment the ever present fresh graffiti style which has been liberally applied to the fine artwork and interior design alike. The Opium Group, also responsible for south beach staples like SET and Mansion, has been highly successful in their attempts to create the most popular clubs in the US with their other ventures, and they seem to be aiming for that lofty goal here again. By creating exclusive spaces in urban settings using the highest standards of design principles, the Opium Group makes clubs that even people who could actually “get in anywhere” might not be able to get into. In their defense, with a guest list that generally includes a contingent of VMA Award winners, this is no surprise. LOUIS is just the latest pink and black rose in their garden, and it’s already being called the one of the hottest, and if that doesn’t convince you, the gorgeous smiles and steamy bodies on a Friday night will!

images courtesy of Louis nightclub