Book Review: Lonely Planet Guides to Miami Beach

Lonely Planet has a variety of options if you’re looking for a guide for your trip to Miami Beach. First up, the latest Lonely Planet guide book for Florida was published in 2009, and it is easily recognisable by the glowing pink flamingo decoration at a beach on the front cover. It uses its largest chapter to cover the Miami region and has plenty of activity, eating and sleeping suggestions arranged into several sections of Miami Beach and South Beach.

Next up, they have the City Guide for Miami and the Keys, last updated in 2008 and with a big emphasis on the nightlife of Miami Beach and surrounds, and just a small chapter on the Keys. You can also use Lonely Planet’s “Pick and Mix” system to buy just the chapters you want of this book in a PDF format, for just a few dollars per chapter.

Finally, there’s also the DVD titled Lonely Planet Six Degrees: Miami, part of a bigger series. The DVD includes interviews with interesting local Miami residents, including an architect, an artist, a Haitian dancer and a drag queen, so you can really get an insight into Miami Beach before you arrive.

Creative Commons License Photo credit: wyntuition