Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant Reviews

The history of Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant dates back to the early 1920’s and they have been serving up tons of stone crabs ever since. The restaurant was the first in Miami Beach and quickly became a local treasure. It has brought fame to the little known stone crab claws providing the locals with something they did not know was edible until then. The restaurant has since expanded offering customers all around the world a chance to order food from the menu and have it shipped directly to their door. Some of the most noted big name celebrities have had their orders shipped directly to their home where it arrives just one day later.

Stone crab claws are the most popular item on the menu served with a specialty mustard sauce, which is made specifically for the crab claws. Orders come on a large platter stacked decoratively and a pair of cracking utensils. Diners can also experience such wonders as the shrimp cocktail, Rhode Island Calamari and a half Maine Lobster for starters and work their way up to a delicious meal of lobster Rolls or sirloin burgers and their famous fried chicken sandwiches. Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant also has a signature dessert for sweet lovers; its Key Lime Pie is famous for its magnificent taste and wonderful consistency.

The restaurant is well known by famous actors and celebrities who frequent Miami Beach, each starting or ending their visit with a stop at Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant. Film directors have also been known to meet with clients for lunch or dinner at this family owned establishment. They may even order food for their cast, as the city of Miami has become an alluring filming location. Joe’s Stone Crab has become a well-known part of the city and visitors have not fully experienced Miami until they have stopped for a bite at one of the first and one of the best crab shacks in the city.

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant
11 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach Fl 33139

Phone: (305) 673-0365

Creative Commons License Photo credit: jessiesgirl614

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