Jersey Shore Cast leaves Miami

The cast of the Jersey Shore has officially left South Beach Miami. It is with much surprise that the visit was relatively quiet and uneventful. There were of course the occasional bar fight which was nicely staged but other than that it was juice heads, guidos and cleavage. The locals could have cared less that they were even in town and the clubs didn’t even acknowledge their presence. They stayed mainly at Metropole South Beach and then moved to Catalina to end their Miami stay where there was no doubt debauchery. Snooki had no issues showing it off and posing at the pool on the rooftop, but sadly no one ever saw Mike “the Situation” at Twist after hours. He was of course muscle pumping in between takes, but this is reality tv of course.

Who knows where they will go now if anywhere. Seaside Heights did not want them and neither did South Beach. The Jersey Shore is just a sad remake of the Real World. One time, reality tv was inventive, fun and real but now it is just staged, contrived and made to try to shock when in reality it just makes people sit back and shake their heads.

Will there be a season 3? Who knows but how can they still call it the “Jersey Shore” when it is not even filmed in Jersey anymore? And aren’t half of those kids from New York anyway? It never ceases to amaze people how some orange, poofed out, over muscles people got their own show and even got to make money demands for appearances. I suppose the Jersey Shore is like a car crash, you don’t want to watch but you simply cannot look away.

There is no doubt that Seaside Heights doesn’t miss the cast and Miami Beach will not miss them. Many people asked to be woken up when the nightmare is over but we gladly say the nightmare was a simply blip in the radar so instead of waking up we simply run our eyes and yawn and hope to never see these tired beings again.