Ink Nightclub

** Update this club is no longer open **

The newest in South Beach Miami, Florida, nightclubs, Ink Nightclub, is often called a boutique nightclub because there is an actual boutique on the premises. Called Ink for short, the nightclub caters to big spenders in Miami. You can find the nightclub on Washington Avenue also known as the heart of South Beach Miami. The club has two rooms. Each room offers the nightcluber a chance to try out different music. The nightclub boasts a variations of tattos as part of the nightclubs theme venue. If you are one of the chic, well to do set that enjoys an eclectic look in interiors, this is the nightclub for you. The club’s interior is a combination Marlon Brando inspired love for Polyneisan and South Pacific charm. There is a conveniently situated boutique that sells INK special line of clothes and clothes by other lines.

The music played here is described as Euro House. Music by European artists is played and DJ’s are frequently guests at the club. Neon lights that highlight tattoos found on the walls and floor of the club enhance the mood. Famous guests include people like Mandy Moore and Paris Hilton who love the boutique because of its often called “funky” clothing not easily found anywhere else in Miami. The club itself is a partnership between two designers Laurent Bourgae with Dimitri Fragoulias and Mark Caesar with Igor Blatnik. The first team are native Miamians and the second team is from Boston. The double set of designers and club players have joined talents to create what they conceive as the ultimate in nightclub life INK. INK features doormen, security guards, table servers, bartenders, management available in the club, liquor served after 5 a.m., full kitchen, fully carpetted, full lighting, valet parking and live video feed using the Internet. Entertainment includes dancers, musical instruments, live entertainers. For special occassions, party favors, invitations and other promotional services are available on request.

Ink Nightclub
717 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 397-8006