Hed Kandi Nightclub

An internationally known name in swank night clubs, Hed Kandi, is waiting to tempt your palatte with epicurean delights and your musical funny bone will be sent reeling with the best music the world has to offer. Miami, Florida, was priviledged to have among its many first, the first in its class Gastro Lounge & Musik Lab to open in the United States. Your first experience when entering the club will be a sensory visual and audio envelopment of the finest in DJ spinning music and gourmet chefs to entice the decadent part of your soul out of its shell and into the spirit of the club, known worldwide. Actually, the name Hed Kandi is a term designating the particular kind of music played in nightclubs. It is also a record label started in 1999 and a radio show along with its international night clubs. The genre of music known as Hed Kandi is style coupled with disco music presented with a spectacular stylish form. Hed Kandi artists are primarily vocal and global. The recording label has more than 60 albums, 3 Top Ten singles in the United Kingdom and many Top 40 popular recordings.

Hed Kandi nightclubs are known as the exclusive venue of Hed Kandi’s radio recording studios. There are six broadcasts sent out through the radio waves in the United Kingdom on the MoS radio and Galaxy network. The food here is competely different from food found in other Miami restaurants. The tools used in preparing the gourmet wonders are as unique as the recording label musical output. Imagine your food prepared by using liquid nitrogen and helium tanks! The combination of space age food with distinctive music makes your night out  something to remember whether it’s for one night or for all of your special occasions when you want to celebrate.

Hed Kandi
1200 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 695-1998
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