Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Alissa Pittman
$12 Adults, $6 Children

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On February 10, 2017
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This museum has a comprehensive collection trains and cars from a wide range of time periods. In addition to full size size locomotives they have an extensive model train collection. Check the calendar before planning a visit as they do run special events days and the first Saturday of the month is usually free. Add an extra star if you or anyone in your party enjoys trains or anything mechanical. It's a fairly inexpensive way to take the family out for fun day.

Located in the heart of Miami is the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. Located next to the Miami Metro Zoo, the museum opened its doors in 1956 and is home to many fascinating exhibits.

Among the exhibits is the Ferdinand Magellan Presidential train which was used to transport President Lincoln’s corpse after his assassination. Those who have heard of the famous “California Zephyr” trains will want to see the Silver Crescent, which was at the end of several California Zephyr trains. Many locomotives are available on display from different points in history, including diesel-electric and steam models. Streamlined and non-streamlined passenger cars are also on display from numerous different famous rail lines in history. In addition to this, a large display of freight cars from different railways are on display. This museum also offers a few unique train cars to awe guests with. To pay homage to its predecessor The Naval Air Station Richmond, The Gold Coast Railroad Museum has collaborated to make a very unique, informative exhibit area including the Naval station’s rich history.

Admission rates are currently $6.00 for adults (those above age twelve), $4.00 for children and those who are under age two are admitted free of charge. Hours of operation are 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM (except Thursdays, when the museum is open until 7:00 PM). Weekend hours are 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM. There is more to this intriguing museum than merely wandering about and looking at train cars. For those who are enticed by model trains, an impressive model train village exhibit is also found on the museum’s premises. One of the most exciting features offered by the museum is the opportunity to ride moving trains. Link rides are train excursions for children on a small-scale train; adults are allowed to accompany children of course. Link rides are $2.50 per person for any age. Twenty minute coach rides in a full-size train car are also offered for $6.00 per person. Occasionally, riding with the captain in the engine cab for $12.00 per person is an offered option, however this offer is not always available.

12450 Southwest 152nd Street
Miami, FL
Phone: (305) 253-4675‎

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