Fontainebleau Hotel Review

Fontainebleau Hotel Review Summary

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is quite simply the largest, and one of the most iconic resorts in Miami Beach.  How iconic?  When James Bond came to Miami, this is where he stayed.  Opened in 1954, the resort recently went through a billion (with a “b”) dollar renovation, and today is as great as ever.  The resort is famous for its pools and amenities including multiple world-class restaurants, as well as a state of the art gym.  That said, the Fontainebleau’s crown amenity is its brand new spa “Lapis”.  The Penthouses and Presidential Suites at the Fontainebleau redefine the term “luxury”.  Even the more affordable guest rooms feature amenities typically only found in luxury suites.  The Fontainebleau is luxurious, but accessible.

Pros & Cons


  • Iconic Miami Resort.
  • Recently Renovated.
  • On the beach
  • Nightlife
  • Spa Service
  • Multiple Pools
  • Multiple Parks
  • Pet Friendly

  • Not as family friendly as it once was
  • Expensive Food
  • On the outskirts of Miami Beach
  • Pet Friendly

Fontainebleau Hotel Rooms

Fontainbleu Hotel Guest Room

Fontainebleau rooms are, if anything, numerous.  The resort has a total of 1,504 rooms.  Room types vary from simple guestrooms, to three bedroom suites, to penthouses at the top of Fontainebleau’s famous towers.

Guestrooms: (300-320 sq ft): These are the smallest rooms at  the Fontainebleau.  Variations include better views and balconies.  Amenities include Egyptian cotton bedding, duvet & pillows, marble baths, private bar, HD flat-screen TV, iPod/MP3 player docking station, and even a 20” iMac computer with wireless internet access.

Junior Suites: (500-861 sq ft):  These rooms include everything the guestrooms have, with the same variations, but with a little extra space that includes a sitting area and a full size sleeper sofa.

One and Two Bedroom Suites: (1000-1861 sq ft):  These rooms feature everything the guestrooms have, but also have a separate living room and bedroom with multiple HD flat-screen TV’s.  Two Bedroom Suites are created by combining a One Bedroom Suite with either a Guestroom or a Junior Suite.

Penthouses: (4500-9850 sq ft):  The Fontainebleau’s penthouses are effectively homes away from homes featuring everything you could think of and more.  One of the penthouses even has its own private swimming pool.  The penthouses have five bedrooms, many with their own balconies.  To give you an idea of who these penthouses are intended for, they even have bedrooms for one’s servants as well as a private laundry room.

Presidential Suites: (1525-2400 sq ft): These suites are more down to earth than the Penthouses.  And yes, only at a place like the Fontainebleau could something like a presidential suite be referred to as “more down to earth”.  Whereas the penthouses are designed to accommodate one’s entire family or entourage, the Presidential Suites are designed for fewer people, with only two bedrooms.

Fontainebleau Hotel Amenities

Beyond its rooms and restaurants, the Fontainebleau features a wide array of Amenities, as one should expect from a full resort.

The Spa: Known as “Lapis”, if the Fontainebleau has a signature amenity then this is it.  The amenities within the spa itself are numerous enough to warrant their own review, but we’ll list several of them here.  Lapis offers twelve different types of massage.  Mineral and other skin treatments are also available including micro-peels and facials.  Mineral soaks are a staple of the spa.  And yes, they do provide couple’s packages.

The Gym: The Fontainebleau features a 5,800 square foot gym.  This facility is state of the art.  The gym offers virtually any type of work out one could desire from weight training, to cardio, to cross-training.  The gym features a TRAZER2 system as well as the Cybex Eagle, a full plethora of strength enhancing equipment.

Nightlife: Beyond its many restaurants, the Fontainebleau offers guests an active nightlife with two bars, three lounges, Liv Nightclub for your enjoyment.

Salon: The Fontainebleau has a full salon on site for hair and nail services.

Marina: Yes, you read that correctly.  The Fontainebleau has a marina right across the street where guests may charter a boat or dock their own.

Pools and Cabanas: – Numerous pools can be found throughout the resort.  In fact, the Fontainebleau is famous for its pools, which vary in shape, size, and depth.  Guests may rent the cabanas that surround the various pools.  These cabanas provide luxuries of the own, such as 32 inch flat-panel TV’s, wireless internet, and butler services.

Fontainebleau Hotel Food & Restaurants

As a resort, the Fontainebleau features eight dining locations.  Three of those are considered their signature restaurants:

Gotham Steak:  This steakhouse and bar was done by Michelin-Star chef Alfred Portale.  Beyond steak, the restaurant also features seafood and over 500 different wines.  Late-night dining is available at this restaurant as well as a full bar.

Scarpetta: This Italian restaurant was done by Scott Conant, a James Beard award recipient.

Hakkasan: This Chinese restaurant from England is renowned for changing the face of Chinese cuisine within the U.K..  The Fontainebleau is proud to host the restaurant’s U.S. debut.  During the day, this restaurant is especially known for its wonderful Dim Sum lunch.

The Fontainebleau offers many other more casual dining experiences including a sushi bar, Mediterranean grill, gelato/lunch stand, a coffee shop, as well as an American brasserie.

Fontainebleau Hotel Family Friendly Information

This is an adult’s playground.  Topless sunbathing is allowed at the main pool.  While the hotel may have been more family friendly in the past, that has changed since the renovation.  The fact that the child-friendly “Lazy River” has been replaced with a 40,000 square-foot spa should give you an idea of the clientele they’re now going for.

Fontainebleau Hotel Pet Friendly Information

This resort is extremely pet friendly.  How much so?  They even have their own Fontainebleau Pet Park.  “Non-aggressive domestic pets” are most certainly welcome.

Fontainebleau Hotel Location

The Fontainebleau is on Collins Avenue, just north of 41st Street.  This places it at roughly a mile and a half north of South Beach, away from a lot of the action.  The exclusive Bal Harbour Shops, however, are only a few blocks away featuring Saks Fifth Avenue, Luis Vuitton, and Neiman Marcus.  The La Gorce Golf Course is about a mile north.  Keep in mind though that this is the kind of place where you show up and *stay*.  With the sheer amount amenities available to you within the resort itself, there really isn’t any reason to leave.  The Fontainebleau is right on the sand (at the north end of Mid-Beach), which at the end of the day is all that really matters when staying at a resort in Miami.

4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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