Visiting the Design Center of the Americas

The Design Center of the Americas in south Florida is the largest to the trade design campus with 775,000 square feet of design products for any interior space. Wander the 150 showrooms and discover furniture, fabrics, flooring, lighting, kitchen, bath, art, antiques, accessories, appliances, window treatments, decorative hardware, paint, surfacing and more design products like you’ve never seen before. The experience will not only leave you wanting new things, it will also leave you remarkably inspired.

For more than two decades the Design Center of the Americas has been bringing remarkable interior design items to the community and drawing top designers from around the world. Although it is noted as the preeminent design center in south Florida its reputation precedes it throughout the world. The Design Center of the Americas is part of the Cohen Design Center and creates a quartet of fabulous design locations when combined with the D&D Building in Manhattan, the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and the Decorative Center Houston in Texas.

Designers and design professional visitors to the Design Center of the Americas should know that the center does not require designers to register but it’s strongly recommended to keep mailing lists and data bases up to date. Also, registered designers will receive special information about events and other activities that will keep you on the top of your game. There are also fringe benefits to registering, like the ability to participate in the Design Rewards Program and earn points throughout the year. Each showroom will ask for credentials and the admission policies vary at each room so be sure to have your photo identification, business card and resale certificates when you visit. If you have clients along you may want to take the sales person aside to pre-arrange the price discussion as each showroom handles that differently. Designers who want to send their clients to the Design Center of the Americas unaccompanied should send them with a letter of introduction on the company letterhead but letters are not required.

Non-trade individuals and other visitors are welcome to visit the Design Center of the Americas and browse the showroom. Stop at the concierge desk upon arrival and you’ll receive a brief orientation, information on the center’s layout and you can ask any questions you may have. Visitors are also encouraged to register, although it’s not required. Visitors are asked to remember that this is not a traditional store but a design center whose main goal is to sell products to designers at wholesale prices and the premises will be filled with people actually conducting business while you are on the property, a professional attitude is expected. One thing to keep in mind is that not every showroom allows non-professionals to enter and even those that allow visitors in will not quote price and cannot sell products directly. If you’re particularly interested in a product the room will have a designer on staff typically of the DCOTA Design Services program can help match you with a professional who will help you get the products you want.

The Design Center of the Americas represents thousands of difference manufacturers who bring some of the finest interior furnishings and accessories to the public. not only does the center bring you access to these wonderful products but the DCOTA Design Services LLC helps the public find a designer and select the right products for purchase. The Designer Referral Program is complimentary and matches people up with a designer that fit their particular design aesthetic and budget. Don’t despair that your project is too all encompassing or too small, they can find someone to help no matter what the project and no matter what style strikes your fancy. The Consulting & Buying Program is a unique services where customers who do not have a designer can actually purchase a few products at to the trade prices plus a small administrative fee. This service is reserved to only a few products but well worth taking advantage of.

Another of the Design Center of the Americas amenities is the DCOTA Shop. Open for only six hours Tuesdays through Thursdays, this shop features mainly contemporary luxury home furnishings that are available immediately. This is for the project that just must be completed right now but still requires high end merchandise and a professional eye.

Throughout the year there are a number of events that happen at the Design Center of the Americas that are really worth investigating. There are private previews of the design house, designer seminar series, complimentary continuing education services, continuing education, Art DCOTA events, and a number of other special events throughout the years.

It is so easy to find yourself getting lost in the incredible design products and lose track of time, so why not plan to spend a whole day at the Design Center of the Americas. This is made easy by the Center’s inclusion of Bistro D, a full service fine dining restaurant on location. If you’re thinking about having an event at the Design Center of the Americas you can have Bistro D cater the event and hold it in one of the atria and private suite locations. This is the perfect way to impress some big ticket clients.

One of the most luxurious and unexpected services that is offered at the Design Center of the Americas is the Pride Auto Spa. While you’re shopping or conducting business you can arrange for a spa treatment for your car, or your client’s car, that will be one of the most extensive and careful car cleanings you’ve ever encountered. Simple cleaning is offered but why not go all out and arrange for the extensive detailing. There are three personalized packages and all of them include pure ph balanced water, mild environmentally friendly soaps designed to protect the exterior of your auto, and unbelievably they use micrometers that measure the exterior paint thickness to determine which buffing approach will be most beneficial to your car.

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