Blue Door Restaurant

Blue Door, a hot upscale restaurant based at the Delano, a South Beach hotel in Miami, embodies the aesthetic of hyper-modern chic, with whimsical fairy tale accents. Delicate light curtains, silver accents and retro armchairs in deep burgundy are the setting for a fine dining experience, filled with unique dishes, created under the guidance of the renowned chef renowned chef Claude Troisgros. Blue Door food is best described as sophisticated French cuisine with Brazilian and eclectic global influences.

There are two menus for the discerning gourmets to choose from: the Les Classiques Menu and the Les Nouveauees Menu. The “classics” include such fare as pan seared Hudson river foie gras with focaccia served with a Berry Jubilee and beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola cream sauce, beaujolais poached pear, and crispy potato galette. The “new” menu tempts with the roasted duck breast with Gala apples and braised chicory endives, and chicken poulet. Of course, this being Florida, exquisite seafood is the centerpiece of the menu, and the guests can feast on everything in that delicious repertoire, from Roasted Maine Lobster with Caramelized Banana to a Brazilian Paella Lobster, Giant Shrimp, Mussels, Octopus & Calamari. But beyond the sumptuous meals, the customers love Blue Door because it combines a high-end dining experience in an elegant setting with an impeccably trained staff, noted for their attention and politeness. And in addition to the atmosphere of the dining room, on those warm Florida nights, Blue Door guests can enjoy fantastic cocktail concoctions and exquisite desserts in the serene garden.

Blue Door
1685 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
(305) 674-640

Images courtesy Blue Door