BED Nightclub

BED Nightclub is one of the most elegant, and interesting spots in Miami.BED stands for Beverage, Entertainment and Dining. and is considered one of South Beach’s premier spots. When you visit BED Nightclub, you will find yourself transported into the world of celebrity, fun and glamour. You can live the life that you’ve only dreamed of watching television, if only for one magical night. If your stay in South Beach is a permanent one, you will probably want to make BED, one of your regular places to visit.

Upon entering BED, you will be let into the elegant velvet ropes. You will meet the concierge first. Her job is to make sure that your stay, meets all of your expectations. You will be transported to another dimension, upon entering the club, a dimension of glamor, and star power.

bed Club

Bed Club

BED Nightclub focuses on the things that make Miami, South Beach great – music, style, and high end professional service. They always ensures that the entertainment is innovative, and on the cutting edge. The scene is designed for socialites, and important people from all over the world. They exist only for the people that truly appreciate what the ultimate South Beach Miami experience can offer.

BED Nightclub
929 Washington Ave,
Miami Beach Fl33139

Phone: (305) 532-9070‎

images courtesy BED