Bambu Restaurant South Beach Miami

Miami is sweltering hot, but South Beach Asian restaurant Bambu can say that it is even hotter. The premiere spot for trendy Asian cuisine in sunny Florida, Bambu may have much more in common with a nightclub than it does with more standard forms of Asian fare. The restaurant is high-tech gorgeous, with sleek, contemporary design and a flair for the up and coming. With music cranked to maximum dancing levels, a fully stocked bar, star-studded drinking buddies, and a booming atmosphere, it is no wonder why Bambu is quickly climbing the list as one of Miami’s hottest restaurants.

Bambu is a place to see and be seen, a hip South Beach location boasting a modern gourmet menu. Sushi is the house specialty, prepared to perfection. The menu bears appetizing options like sushi rice circled in nori and garnished with tobiko roe and Russian beluga or osetra caviar. Another favorite is the ever-popular maki roll, comprised of pickled ginger shoot drenched in XO sauce and lightly fried in panko crumbs. The fusion of traditional Eastern cuisine and contemporary twists can satisfy even the most reluctant palate. A popular option when visiting the chic Bambu restaurant is the practice of selecting favorites among the appetizer sized petite entrees. Mixing and matching on the menu is more than accepted, and is actually encouraged for patrons of the hot night spot. With so many delicious options, it can be hard to choose to try just one. A modern twist a multitude of cultures of the orient, the high class menu is sure to satisfy the equally high class clientele that frequent the restaurant. Do not be surprised to see A-list celebrities enjoying a drink at the bar whilst shooting their latest Miami flick. The restaurant is co-owned by silver screen superstar Cameron Diaz, who loves to eat at the joint when she spends time in Florida. Bambu is for the beautiful, and Miami’s entertainment industry loves the place.

On a trip to Miami, is would be a shame not to pay a visit to Bambu, the nightclub-restaurant that has the whole town talking.

Bambu Restaurant
1661 Meridian Ave, Miami, FL 33140

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