Ago Restaurant Reviews

Looking for fine Italian cuisine in South Beach, Florida? A hotspot not to be missed is Ago Restaurant at the Shore Club in South Beach, featuring and named after chef Agostino Sciandri’s masterpieces in a trattoria-style setting. Co-owned by Robert de Niro, who Mr. Sciandri’s quoted saying “just about likes anything that’s not complex,” (Food & Wine) this fine establishment is bound to have something to please everyone.

From appetizer Tartar di Tonno (tuna tartar with olive oil and lemon), to Spaghetti alle Vongolle (spaghetti with clams, one of De Niro’s favorites), to mains such as Agnello di Latte (baby lamb rack with natural jus) and fresh berries to top it off, there’s no end to great meals that can be had.

The Ago Restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor setting. The indoor seating can accommodate up to 70 with the outdoor terrace at the Ago Restaurant has seating for 170, and boasts an excellent view of both the pools at the Shore Club and the cool blue Atlantic Ocean. While casual during the day, the night brings a romantic and yet trendy vibe to the evening to come. The celebrity clientele list is long as well – who knows who you might be dining next to?

Ago Restaurant Seating

Ago Restaurant Seating

Outstanding Italian cuisine at its finest will bring outstanding demand. Reservations are a must, especially on the weekend or during prime tourist season. As long as preparations have been made, get ready for a lovely evening. Ago Restaurant suggests trying eating family style to allow everyone to have a taste of everything. With over 600 bottles of wine to choose from, a breathtaking oceanfront dining, a five course dinner to plan and enjoy, what is there to miss?

Ago Restaurant
1901 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach Fl 33139

Phone: (305) 695-3226

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